St. John’s Mat. Hr. Sec School, Alwarthirunagar, Chennai – 87
Dr. D. John Ponnudurai Educational Trust

The man who guided the destiny of St. John’s for 26 years and took it to great heights. Thanks to the unusually remarkable foresight of this exceptional man, the school rose up to positions of fame. A great educator storming the scenario of Alwarthirunagar with the vast visionary zeal, developed his skill set in the field of education, which was another milestone in the pioneering endeavour of this great personality.

He was very conscious of the need of the students. Through his poioneering efforts, he raised these massive structures which today stand tall, silhouetted against the backdrop of the sky.

Thousand of students who have passed through his hands remember this great person with deep affection. He was a perfectionist. His exalted standards caused the best to come to the fore in both the staff and the students. He was also a very humane person who could not only sympathize but also empathize.

“Arise and Shine” was the basic concept of the renowned mentor who stood out as a person of deeds and mighty actions.

Let the Light shine Bright, Let it life our Hearts and lead us to new heights

Address: NO 15, NEW COLONY, Alwartirunagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600087
Phone: 044 2377 3017